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10 ways to get MORE out of your sauna session

  If you take hot/warm shower or bath before sauna session, you may perspire more and feel more comfortable.  Drink water prior to, during, and after your sauna session to replenish of body moisture. To regulate the ideal temperature inside the sauna till you feel comfortable enough, or...

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Can I Drink Alcohol?

Can I drink alcohol and still meet my fitness goals? I coach others to improve their physique, strength, performance, and life. I am a roll model for some, a competitor with myself, and I often feel the pressures of holding a “not so” balanced life in...

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Can You Get High On Sweat?

You’ve felt it. The euphoria of moving the body in the heat. But do you know what’s happening to the body when you feel that high on sweat? Can that Recess glow have lasting effects on your health? What is that feeling after a workout? The “workout high”...

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What Do I Eat After a Workout?

What Do I eat after a workout? A question you may ask yourself to help achieve your best physique and overall health. When it comes to fuel, REAL food will always trump powered shakes, or bars. It is important to fuel immediately following your workout because this is...

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What Do I Eat Before A Workout?

You will find evidence supporting eating protein before a workout may increase fat, and muscle growth and increase performance; while other evidence states athletes perform better consuming carbs in a time window before an event. Lets keep this simple. This varies highly on the activity, the length...

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Full Fat vs. Fat Free

Which is BETTER? Which one should you choose the majority of the time? FULL FAT. Sounds crazy right? Heres the thing. The flavor is in the fat, so when fat is removed by food companies, it’s a more difficult sell, and SUGAR is often its replacement. Fat is a...

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Muscle Building Math Equation

Building muscle or any gains for that matter is an equation. 3+3 = 6, but so does 5+1 and 6+0. You can see there is always more than one way to something, and one way may work great for one person, but not for another....

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The Massive Benefits of Heated Workouts

Recess Endurance is known for its heated workouts. Similar to a heated yoga class, we keep our room set at warm temps, however there is no humidity. We have a radiating dry heat.   Many ask, “why do you have a heated spin room?” In a study published 2015...

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