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Full Fat vs. Fat Free

Which is BETTER? Which one should you choose the majority of the time? FULL FAT. Sounds crazy right? Heres the thing. The flavor is in the fat, so when fat is removed by food companies, it’s a more difficult sell, and SUGAR is often its replacement. Fat is a...

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Muscle Building Math Equation

Building muscle or any gains for that matter is an equation. 3+3 = 6, but so does 5+1 and 6+0. You can see there is always more than one way to something, and one way may work great for one person, but not for another....

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The Massive Benefits of Heated Workouts

Recess Endurance is known for its heated workouts. Similar to a heated yoga class, we keep our room set at warm temps, however there is no humidity. We have a radiating dry heat.   Many ask, “why do you have a heated spin room?” In a study published 2015...

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Why I Am Telling You To Eat Fat

Why I Am Telling You To Eat Fat Heres the thing; Fats serve as an energy source through a range of exercise intensities. Plus, the flavor is in the fat, so when fat is removed by food companies, it’s a more difficult sell, and SUGAR is...

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Strength Training Workout

The Scottsdale Airpark's, Recess Endurance Training strength training workout was featured in Triathlete magazine's top 10 strength training workout. Triathlete Magazine   What is it? At the top of every minute you will start a strength exercise. However long it takes you to finish the exercise, the remainder of...

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Stay Fit During Summer Travel

The Scottsdale Airparks, Recess Endurance Training has a favorite workout to stay fit on the road that incorporates both great strength training and endurance/cardio that requires no equipment. Stay on track and fit while on the road this summer, with this travel workout!   30-60 min total treadmill...

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Recess Announces Youth Scholarship Program

Recess Endurance is currently awarding Youth Fitness and Awareness Scholarships to local high school and college students. Award Recipients will receive a Fitness Scholarship to Recess Endurance that includes Core Conditioning Classes and the opportunity to learn about Healthy Eating You don’t have to be in...

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