Recess Endurance Training

Cycle To Become A Better Runner

Start Cycling To Become A Better Runner Runners and cyclists share a few commonalities in that they are endurance sports with repetitive movement. Over time, and without proper recovery, cool down, and stretching can cause injury. A bicycle can be a runners most valuable tool to increase strength...

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How to Outsmart National Ditch Day

January 17th: National Ditch Day. Yup, it's actually a thing. According to researchers who study human behavior, January 17th is the date by which many people abandon their New Year’s resolutions. So early in..Kind of sad, right? We first must recognize that you set a goal for...

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What Happens To Your Body During The Stretch?

What happens during the Recess Stretch at Recess? Your muscles lengthen and relax. They are made of thick and thin myofilaments which ball up together and overall when contracted. When we stretch, especially in a heated environment it allows the muscles to elongate, lessening the areas of...

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far infrared sauna copy

10 ways to get MORE out of your sauna session

  If you take hot/warm shower or bath before sauna session, you may perspire more and feel more comfortable.  Drink water prior to, during, and after your sauna session to replenish of body moisture. To regulate the ideal temperature inside the sauna till you feel comfortable enough, or...

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Can I Drink Alcohol?

Can I drink alcohol and still meet my fitness goals? I coach others to improve their physique, strength, performance, and life. I am a roll model for some, a competitor with myself, and I often feel the pressures of holding a “not so” balanced life in...

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