Scottsdale Fitness Classes

Push your boundaries

Scottsdale Fitness Classes

Join a motivated community that’s driven and committed to hitting new goals together. Our Recess personal trainers will push you to reach those goals and help you to gain new confidence.

About Our Classes

  • Fitness classes are one hour long.
  • You’ll have access to our amenities, including locker rooms equipped with showers, towels, and shampoo.
  • Strength classes are capped at 15 members to allow for personal instruction and modification, so you can get the most out of YOUR Recess.


New Member? Try out three (3) classes for free!

Simply choose a class + time you’d like to attend from the schedule below. No need to call ahead. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class to register.

Your 3 free class passes must be used within seven days of the first class you attend. Ask your coach for more details.


Core Conditioning & Strength Training

A no-cheat environment. These classes are 60 minute sessions and taught in a heated 90 degree room.

A 20 minute high intensity “Flexibility Workout” followed by strength and conditioning workout that incorporates a variety of core engagement training. Through specific strength and mobility exercises we strengthen the muscles that improve overall mechanics and mobility required for performance of other sporting activities.

*Recess classes are in a heated environment. The goal is to achieve a level of heat acclimation in addition to perform better in cooler climates. Heated training provides benefits including enhanced blood distribution transfer from core to skin, increased blood volume, and more efficient cardiovascular function.

Heated Spin Classes

Our spin classes will leave no option but to test and improve your strength and cycling endurance.

These classes are taught in a slightly heated environment of 88-90 degrees. We include strength training by mixing up off the bike strength and core training.

*Warning: Music may contain explicit content.

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Things to keep in mind your first day at Recess:


1. Hydration
It is very important to stay hydrated before, during and after Recess. Please make sure to bring your own water bottle. Otherwise, we offer water at the facility.
The Recess Strength and Conditioning classes are held in a heated environment of 90 degrees, so it is essential to make sure you are hydrated.

2. Check in
We ask our athletes to arrive on time to class. If it is your first time at Recess please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure there is enough time to cover medical and physical history with the coach.

3. Cycling Shoes
We do not offer cycling shoes for rental. However, we use La Monde Pro bikes that have SPD clips, and cages for regular gym shoes.