The Ultimate 4 Day Workshop

Strength & Conditioning Specialist Workshop-9

IMMERSION 1 – August 23rd -26th

IMMERSION 2 – August 30th- September 2nd

Frank Sole with Sole Swim Solutions

Katie Landa with Recess Endurance Training

All levels are welcome. Mental strength is required. While this workshop is for all levels, it is not for everybody. This will be early hours, late hours, long hours, open water swim, cross-swim workouts and mental training that will far exceed the expectations and results from masters swims and swim schools.

Swimming is nothing more than applying certain laws of physics, hydrodynamic body positioning, staying long and relaxed, along adding just the right amount of propulsion. In this four-day training program you will finally be exposed and fully immersed in what it will take to finally master your endurance swim.



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  • Why your kick is actually slowing you down
  • Cross-swim workouts
  • Get personal video of your individual swim stroke for immediate and visual feedback!
  • Breathing technique; Why most endurance athletes have a dysfunctionalbreathing pattern.
  • Rotate in the water with power
  • Early vertical catch
  • Why finishing the stroke is so important for open water swim
  • Sighting and do it well! Especially in open water swimming!!
  • Swimming mobility and flexibility
  • Resistance training exercises building core, upper body strength and good body awareness. IMMERSION 2 will be an advanced workout.

1 Person/ 4 Day Workshop  $249

2 Person/ 4 Day Workshop $400

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