Linda Bruneau


Linda Bruneau

Linda is originally from Austria and has been fortunate to spend a season with the national Austrian female ski-team. She is a strength and conditioning coach, outdoor tour guide and nutrition consultant.

Being a health-conscious person herself, Linda thinks that the human body is trainable to reach any kind of goals. She believes in “mind over matter” – we can push our bodies to a much better and higher performance than we may dream of! She encourages, motivates, and wants to help everyone, who is ready to take action steps for living a high-quality, healthy, and happy life.

Personal Accomplishments:

  • Rim to Rim Grand Canyon (5 hours)
  • Rim to Rim to Rim Grand Canyon (12 hours)
  • Tour de Mount Blanc (TMB – running through 3 countries in 3 days)
  • Camelback – Echo Canyon (12 times up and down in 11 hours)
  • Numerous fitness endurance races, such as 12- and 24-hour mountain bike races, as well as trail running races, Duathlons and Triathlons, time trials, and mud races
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