Our Story


Welcome to Recess Endurance Training. My name is Katie. I am the owner and one of the coaches on our talented team. I found being an endurance athlete has taught me a lot about resiliency and commitment. It’s not about just training to run long distance, complete an Ironman, or endure a long obstacle course. It’s about the belief system. The first step is believing you can achieve anything, with the right tools, desire to learn and commitment to never give up.

I have coached for over 8 years along the west coast in California and Arizona, looking with a careful and keen eye at facilities, and how I would do things differently. What would I want people to feel during their experience with me?

I built Recess with a strategically formatted training program and with the highest expectations of myself, our team and our members to perform at their best. We offer all the critical components of fitness; flexibility, mobility, core conditioning, strength and resiliency all boiled down to make the most of your time – health and happiness. I wanted a place where people of all ages and weights could feel safe, recognized and supported in their goals.

Thats when Recess Endurance Training was built.

I hope you love training with us,

Katie Landa