Our Story

Welcome to Recess

Recess is revolutionizing the active lifestyle. We offer all the critical components of fitness; flexibility, mobility, core conditioning, strength and resiliency all boiled down to make the most of your time – health and happiness. Because the approach is different, so are the results.

We customize the workout to meet you where you are, help you get to know your body, and get in touch with your intention for good health.

The story from Katie:

Growing up, Katie Landa struggled with weight issues. She was an overweight teenager, constantly ridiculed by kids, and missed opportunties because of her size. In one summer Landa lost 40 lbs, and completely transformed her life.
She began by getting out of her comfort zone by participating in a fun 5k, which then spiraled into Ragnar racing, rock climbing, swimming, and even most recently, completing IRONMAN. Katie noticed that as she strived to push further, harder, and stronger, the strength in her athletic capacity became addicting.
She wanted to share this by connecting people together to inspire opportunity, and healthy way of living.

That’s when Recess Endurance Training was built.